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  •  10 tray food dehydrator deluxe

10-Tray 1200W Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

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*** Tried and Tested for Results


This is a high-class stainless steel, 10-tray dehydrator equipped with temperature and time controls. Most dehydrators you will find will be a 5-tray food dehydrator. Rarely will you find more than a 9-tray food dehydrator.

This has double the number of trays to save you time and energy. After getting your new stainless steel dehydrator, you can say, bye bye to the cheap plastic appliances. You can make your favorite vegetable chips, dried herbs, meat substitutes, fruit leather, vegan breads, vegan hamburger patties, beef jerky, and much more.

This stainless steel 10-tray food dehydrator is great, especially for vegans, vegetarians, raw foodist, large families, gardeners, herbalists, and anyone else. This food dehydrator is a great addition to your healthy lifestyle because it gives you the opportunity to preserve and make healthier choices and healthy snacks for you and your family to eat.

The best food dehydrator is one that allows you to create a masterpiece in half the time, while preserving the quality. Luckily, you've found a food dehydrator that does all of that and more.

Use this Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator to make all your delicious yet healthy snacks, including meat substitutes, hamburger patties, and breads. This top-quality product comes with ten trays, helping you save up on time and effort in the process!

Frequently asked questions:

How many trays does it have?


What are the temperature ranges?

The temperature ranges from a 105 to 165 degress.


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