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We are not chemical people - Avoid prescription drugs like the plague

Posted on 07 September 2017

- Avoid prescription drugs

Dizziness, anxiety, muscle pain, insomnia, nausea, hair loss, coughing, and liver problems, are just a few problems that are well-known to be caused by some of the most popular prescription drugs we all consume. These medicines include prescriptions for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and low thyroid function.

What’s more worrisome is the fact that all of the above-mentioned side effects can happen even if you’re taking just one drug; so what happens when you’re taking multiple? And it’s understood that a person with even the most minor illness is prescribed multiple drugs if not at least half a dozen. Many of the drugs that are normally prescribed to us are a deadly combination, and there are still many combinations that haven’t even been studied yet.

While many people believe, and also feel that prescription drugs can help turn their lives and health around, we need to give enough thought to the fact that these very drugs are powerful enough to change the chemical composition of our bodies through a very unnatural process. 

Think about it like this, when a human being is born, it is through a very natural process that has not been successfully altered through chemicals even after numerous attempts. Hence, trying to use chemicals as a solution to any kind of problem in our body is highly contentious.

Having said that, while we all want a magic bullet to take all our health issues away, it is not possible for chemicals to fix something that is so natural and beautiful on its own.

Latest research has proven that the overuse of drugs, even prescribed by the doctor, can lead to problems you can never even think of, in the long run. Excessive use of prescription drugs has been associated with problems such as drug abuse, organ failures, and other fatal diseases.

Some of the main problems which you can have with prescription drug use are discussed below.


Organ Failure

Most medicines that you consume cause some kind of damage to one or more of your organs. Every single prescription drug, and every single chemical that you intake contained in them is killing an organ in your body.  Some prescription drugs kill slowly over a lifetime, damaging your organs such as your liver and kidneys.

The liver is a remarkable, if underappreciated, organ. It turns the nutrients in our diets to substances the body can use and converts toxins into harmless substances or makes sure they are removed from the body

When the liver is working well, our metabolism hums along in equilibrium. But drugs and dietary supplements can sometimes wreak havoc with that system, leading to dangerous liver problems.

Prescription drugs mask symptoms that can be associated with a more serious problem; symptoms are a natural response of the body to tell you that something is wrong. However, prescription drugs are designed to alleviate symptoms; they cure nothing and could, in fact, cause more dangerous problems in the future.



Prescription drugs interfere with natural processes of the body, for example Tylenol blocks the receptor in the brain that ignites pain. So that the brain believes the body is not in pain when it actually is.

Some medicinal herbs (parts of plants used for health benefits in prescription drugs) contain substances that can damage the liver. The liver is a prime target for damage because it processes everything that enters the mouth and is swallowed.

The inhalation of painkillers, as when an opiate like oxycodone or hydrocodone is smoked, also results in a buildup of fluids in the lungs, according to an article in the British Medical Journal. The result can be shortness of breath for the drug abuser.

Prescription drugs are very well known for causing constipation, even at their normal dosage. Abuse of medicines means that the consumer is taking far more of the drug than a doctor would ever recommend. Long-term intake of prescription drugs means that many users will need to rely on laxatives to move the bowels or risk damage to the anus (painful tears called fissures) or the sphincter.


The main benefit of not using prescription drugs is:

That you gain much better immunity, and a better recovery from physical sicknesses such as a cold, fever, or even more. Natural methods would replace your chemically preserved supplements in the form of pills in a bottle, with natural fresh foods and herbs which would guarantee your recovery for a longer period of time.

According to research patients who treat their viral colds with natural home remedies recover much better and faster, rather than with consuming prescribed drugs. Since our bodies are a product of nature, we should let nature take control of ourselves every once in a while, as natural fixes are better and longer lasting.

Hence, it is always advisable to find natural methods to heal something that has been caused by a natural process. It is, always has been, and always will be, in our biology to fall sick, and our bodies being a marvel of nature, should be given the power to heal itself.

Avoiding prescription drugs like the plague will not only give your body more power, it will help an individual make natural decisions and let nature deal with what it has caused.

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